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Note: A maximum of 101 MAZZE tokens can be requested per address per day.

Explore the Capabilities of Mazze Testnet

Test Tokens

Test tokens play a crucial role in blockchain development by allowing developers and users to simulate transactions and interact with smart contracts without the risk of financial loss. Use MAZZE tokens to ensure your applications are ready for a real-world launch.

What Can You Do
with MAZZE Tokens?

MAZZE tokens on the Testnet allow you to explore the full capabilities of the Mazze blockchain. Use these tokens to deploy and test smart contracts, experiment with decentralized applications (dApps), and understand gas economics. This hands-on experience is invaluable for developers planning to launch live projects on the Mazze mainnet.

Ensuring a
Robust Testnet

Contributing to the robustness of the Mazze Testnet by actively testing and reporting feedback is crucial. Your involvement helps enhance the network’s stability and security, ensuring that the mainnet launch will be as smooth and reliable as possible.



How do I obtain MAZZE tokens from the faucet?
You need to enter your wallet address compatible with EVM blockchains and click 'Request Tokens.' Tokens will be distributed to your address shortly.
What is the purpose of the Mazze Testnet?
The Mazze Testnet is designed for developers and users to test and debug their smart contracts and decentralized applications in a controlled environment, ensuring everything functions perfectly before deployment on the mainnet.
How often can I request MAZZE tokens?
You can request up to 101 MAZZE tokens once every 24 hours per wallet address.
Are there any costs involved in using the Mazze Testnet?
No, using the Mazze Testnet is free. The tokens have no real-world value and are intended solely for testing purposes.
Can I transfer MAZZE tokens from the testnet to the mainnet?
No, tokens on the Mazze Testnet cannot be transferred to the mainnet as they are separate and meant only for testing purposes.